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02 May

Digikrit Office @ GINSERV

Starting this month, took office at GINServ - incubation center providing plug-n-play shared office space, the setup is really nice to start a company. Good to see and meet lot of startups and entrepreneurs working on different innovative ideas at one place. Planning to launch an android application BotNotes next month for converting verbal conversation as chat stored on ejabberd + elasticsearch. 


First meetup this weekend in the new office, will be on initiating the opensource project MasterMetaData - find out more details about it on


Also, will organize meetups on different technologies we are working on like Erlang, Scala, NodeJS. Previous meetup on Erlang was good with around 20 people sharing their experiences (both good and bad) of using Erlang in their projects. Want to do a meetup on Full Stack Javascript, that will include NodeJS & AngularJS, but lets see how the bandwidth works out this month. 

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