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01 Dec

MasterMeta - Feature Presentations

We are going to do the feature presentations at the end of Dec, 2016. Each team member will do presentation on 
the feature assigned and the presentation will include the following six sections (4-5 slides per section) and 
total time allocated per presentation is an hour.

  1. What is the feature ? (Description, Concept, Intro)
  2. Why it is important ? (Problem Solved, Pros/Cons)
  3. What already exists ? (Open Source Libraries, Proprietary Products, Related Things)
  4. Who all are doing it ? (Companies, People, Technologies Involved)
  5. What we can do ? (Feature Ideas, Improvements, Variations)
  6. How we can do ? (Difficulty, RoadMap, Timeline, Libraries)
Server Side
  1. Identity Access & Account Management
  2. Data Reconciliation (Manual & Automatic)
  3. Meta Data Aggregation (Entity Extraction)
  4. Meta Data Reconciliation (Manual & Automatic)
  5. Fill In The Blanks API
  6. Data Aggregation (Push-Upload, Pull-Crawl)
  7. Gateway & On-demand Access
Client Side
  1. Data Comparison UI
  2. Meta Data Comparison UI
  3. Data Visualization UI
  4. Visual Search & Discovery UI
  5. Data & Meta Data Search UI
  6. Data Versioning & Change History UI
  7. Workflow Management UI
  8. Content Management UI
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