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04 May

MasterMetaData - Opensource Project Meetup

MasterMetaData (Github) is the open source project which aims to organize & manage master meta data centrally, currently built upon kong, cassandra, neo4j and elasticsearch. The meetup group aims to create community around this open source project, discuss the project features, goals and timelines. 

Please join if you are interested in learning and discussing about master, meta data management and want to build an open source community driven project around it.

The meetup group will provide you opportunity to discuss the need and importance of master and meta data while also ability to implement some of those concepts in open source project.

MasterMetadata - the open source project is in very initial phase, as mentioned in the group details. The first meetup would be to discuss what are things around master and meta data that would be useful and interesting to be included in the project. Currently, I am implementing few features mentioned below for a particular use case, but would like to hear from all of you on feature roadmap.

  1. Geolocation (ip based)
  2. Devices (useragent based)

To give some background, master meta data is combination of meta data & master data defined at two different levels -

  1. common: defined centrally for interop between applications
  2. app: defined per application extending, overriding and augmenting the common definitions.

Lets discuss on how we can take the project forward on the coming weekend. Here is the brief presentation for introducing master meta data


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