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07 Jul

Targeting first version of products - MasterMeta & Vagnu

The target for first version will be to get basic functionality in place, working with couple of senior developers 
for each of these. Scoping the first release is generally difficult as too many features would take lot of time and
very few features would make the release/demo feel incomplete.

  1. Master & Meta Data Management for data from four different domains
    • Device - mobile devices, os, browsers and apps data
    • Company - presence, people and financial data
    • Product - products, specs & variations data
    • Location -  political boundaries, poi & gis data
  2. Textual Search (using Elasticsearch and similar to Zachman framework to answer questions like "What"; "How"; "Where"; "Who";"When"; and "Why")
  3. Visual Search (using Neo4j like to enable visual discovery
  4. IAAM (Identity Access & Account Management) using Neo4j for granular data access management which is important MDM feature particularly for data governance and data privacy.
  5. Gateway Access (using Kong and transformation plugins for data of above four domains)
  6. On-demand Access (using NodeJS microservices to access data of above four domains)
  1. Capture audio (recorded or streaming)
  2. Detect speaker (building this as unique proposition)
  3. Transcribe audio (using speech to text api from cloud providers)
  4. Convert to chat (using ejabberd as chat platform)
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