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19 Apr

Launching our new company site

Our previous company site was static html based and now launching completely new digital experience with Drupal 8 which bring lot of new functionality along with flexibility and extendibility.
03 Oct

Data sets for data mining, data science, visualization & machine learning

Data sets are the beginning step in solving any kind of data mining, data science and machine learning problems. It has already been emphasized by lot of data scientists that data set (reliable, cleaned & in right format) is very important to get insightful results. We are just starting to explore the open data sets (for example USDA data for a project Krishakanam), one thing became clear that it takes good amount of time to understand the data set itself to begin building something insightful on top of it.

25 Sep

Few More Great Visualizations

It has been great learning experience to see and understand some outstanding visualizations created from libraries like D3JS and others. The data itself become insight only when its presented in form of visualization or description but sometimes even tables can help understand the nature of reality underlying some data. Few more interesting and inspiring ones are provided in this post.
23 Sep

Decoding USDA Data Further

USDA data contains lot of parameters and information which can become very useful if presented in right visualization. In previous post, we briefly explored the types of data points available from USDA, here we will dig further to understand what are the parameters which are there. Out of the four types of data sets, two are geolocation based with different area granularity while the other two are statistical data which are linked to state, county etc.
23 Sep

InteractSimple - Schema Design

InteractSimple aims to simplify interaction within enterprise by indexing all chat into a tagged, searchable chat history database. In our previous post InteractSimple – Initial Thoughts, we have put across our initial ideas while in another post SiteInteract & InteractSimple – Technical Architecture, we described the technical architecture, and in this post we will present the schema design which briefly shows what data points are being captured and how data is being organized.
21 Sep

SiteInteract & InteractSimple - Technical Architecture

SiteInteract and InteractSimple are two chat based products we are working on for past couple of months, first helps in managing the  customer interactions on sites while the latter aims to simplify interaction within enterprise. In previous posts SiteInteract – Initial Thoughts and InteractSimple – Initial thoughts we described the initial thoughts on features to be implemented as part of beta version. In this post, we present the technical architecture based on microservices and other opensource technologies which we have selected based on experience.
19 Sep

InteractSimple - Initial thoughts

We are conceptualizing on a product (most code will be opensource) to help simplify interaction within enterprise by bringing all official communication into searchable, tagged chat history. This post is to summarize the initial thoughts around it.
18 Sep

Few Great Visualizations

With enhanced browser capability and libraries like D3JS and VivagraphJS, some great data visualizations are being created. Few of the very impressive ones are mentioned in this post.

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