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17 Sep

SiteInteract - Initial Thoughts

We are conceptualizing on a product (most code will be opensource) to help manage customer interactions on sites, provide multi-agent chat support to enable customers to interact on sites. This post is to summarize the initial thoughts around it.
16 Sep

First Hack - USDA Innovation Challenge

Actually few weeks back, I came across the Atlassian Codegeist contest on and while looking at some other contests, I found an interesting one from USDA, which is to create innovative apps using USDA data (NASS & ERS sensor data). It seemed interesting and my initial thought was to take the data (which is available in downloadable form), transform it, to store it in either elasticsearch (if its temporal or spatial event data) or neo4j (if its networked or linked data).
05 Sep

Building software ecosystem using microservices architecture

Software Ecosystems (SECO, describes a way for software vendors to adopt open ecosystem platform and allowing developers to develop applications on their platform. Few interesting points with regards to using microservices which is the architectural pattern (described in for creating software ecosystem.
04 Sep

Chat History on Elasticsearch

For storing chat history, elasticsearch seems to be ideal system, we are planning to use it for our products SiteInteract and InteractSimple. Now, lets consider two scenarios and see how much data will be generated, based on which the system will be designed.
03 Sep

Lambda Architecture on Elasticsearch

Elasticsearch provides an extremely robust platform for building custom analytics application through flexible aggregations. Although, as data goes into 100gb range, the query performance starts to degrade, so a mechanism like lambda architecture is needed to ensure the queries are running fast (especially on fields with high cardinality) without increasing the infrastructure cost.
02 Sep

Introduction to Digikrit - Company Profile

Introduction to Digikrit using a simple company profile presentation which contains details of our experience, what we are doing - consulting, software products and opensource projects. Reach us if you have requirement for developing functional backend in Erlang, Scala or frontend in Javascript.
01 Sep

Welcome to Digikrit

Welcome to hello world post from digikrit blog. The name Digikrit is inspired from Sanskrit, to basically mean digitally created. The motto for the company is digital creation and innovation. Digikrit is a software development company providing consulting and training on emerging niche technologies, apart from development of software products and open source projects.

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