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01 Dec

MasterMeta - Data Presentations

We are also planning for another presentation on domain specific master and meta data (mostly those which 
are available in public domain). Each team member will do presentation on the data domain assigned and the 
presentation should include following six sections (4-5 slides per section) & the presentation time allocated 
is an hour.

01 Dec

MasterMeta - Feature Presentations

We are going to do the feature presentations at the end of Dec, 2016. Each team member will do presentation on 
the feature assigned and the presentation will include the following six sections (4-5 slides per section) and 
total time allocated per presentation is an hour.

07 Jul

Targeting first version of products - MasterMeta & Vagnu

The target for first version will be to get basic functionality in place, working with couple of senior developers 
for each of these. Scoping the first release is generally difficult as too many features would take lot of time and
very few features would make the release/demo feel incomplete.

25 Jun

Few interesting meetups this month - Erlang, Javascript & API

This month has been little busy, doing lot of networking with companies at incubation center as well as organizing second Erlang meetup discussing build tools and speaking on AngularJS at Javascript meetup. Both meetups were good from different perspectives, here are the details of the presentations.
04 May

MasterMetaData - Opensource Project Meetup

MasterMetadata - the open source project is in very initial phase, as mentioned in the group details. The first meetup would be to discuss what are things around master and meta data that would be useful and interesting to be included in the project. Currently, I am implementing few features mentioned below for a particular use case, but would like to hear from all of you on feature roadmap.
02 May

Digikrit Office @ GINSERV

Starting this month, took office at GINServ - incubation center providing plug-n-play shared office space, the setup is really nice to start a company. Good to see and meet lot of startups and entrepreneurs working on different innovative ideas at one place. Planning to launch an android application BotNotes next month for converting verbal conversation as chat stored on ejabberd + elasticsearch. 
19 Apr

Launching our new company site

Our previous company site was static html based and now launching completely new digital experience with Drupal 8 which bring lot of new functionality along with flexibility and extendibility.
03 Oct

Data sets for data mining, data science, visualization & machine learning

Data sets are the beginning step in solving any kind of data mining, data science and machine learning problems. It has already been emphasized by lot of data scientists that data set (reliable, cleaned & in right format) is very important to get insightful results. We are just starting to explore the open data sets (for example USDA data for a project Krishakanam), one thing became clear that it takes good amount of time to understand the data set itself to begin building something insightful on top of it.

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