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Backend In Erlang, Scala or NodeJS

Functional Backend

Build scalable, real time, fault tolerant, robust and high quality application backend using functional languages like Erlang, Scala or Javascript.


Frontend Using AngularJS or ReactJS

Intuitive Frontend

Intuitive front end for your audiences, which is engaging, responsive and fast too, in emerging javascript frameworks like AngularJS or ReactJS.


Both Backend & Frontend In Javascript

Full Stack Javascript

Get your full stack (backend and frontend) developed in Javascript using NodeJS for backend and AngularJS or ReactJS for the frontend.

Team of functional & javascript developers

Deep experience in building high quality software with functional languages & javascript

functional backend and javascript

. why functional backend & javascript.

Functional is programming paradigm where computation is evaluation of functions, avoiding state & mutability, getting popular rapidly for concurrent programming which is required for effective use of multi-processor environments.

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    Functions - Primary Building Blocks

    Functional programming tries to focus on results, instead of steps, delegating boilerplate and mundane details to VM. Functions form the building blocks for processing and higher-order functions which can either take other functions as arguments or return them as results.

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    Immutability - Cleaner Concurrency

    Working with immutable data has many benefits including data consistency with no memory side effects, improved code quality  due to cleaner, easier to maintain code and easier concurrent programming resulting in higher developer productivity.

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    Javascript - Now Ubiquitous

    Javascript has been around for long time & survived browser wars but mostly used for UI inside the browser, only recently being used for both frontend & backend development, also for scripting purposes like query & scripting language inside NoSQL databases.

.  we are looking for functional & javascript developers .

Currently seeking out for functional programmers with hands on experience in Erlang or Scala, also looking for javascript developers with NodeJS, AngularJS or ReactJS experience.

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Please get in touch whenever you want to engage our expertise or have more questions related to our work or want to collaborate with us on opensource projects ?

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    address Suite 811, #15A, 4th Floor, City Vista,
    Fountain Road, Kharadi, Pune, Maharashtra - 411036

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    Phone +1.720.744.0132
    +91 9886949374

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We are always interested in knowing & understanding your project requirements and would love to work with you & your company on timely delivery of your project.

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