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01 Dec

MasterMeta - Data Presentations

We are also planning for another presentation on domain specific master and meta data (mostly those which 
are available in public domain). Each team member will do presentation on the data domain assigned and the 
presentation should include following six sections (4-5 slides per section) & the presentation time allocated 
is an hour.

01 Dec

MasterMeta - Feature Presentations

We are going to do the feature presentations at the end of Dec, 2016. Each team member will do presentation on 
the feature assigned and the presentation will include the following six sections (4-5 slides per section) and 
total time allocated per presentation is an hour.

02 May

Digikrit Office @ GINSERV

Starting this month, took office at GINServ - incubation center providing plug-n-play shared office space, the setup is really nice to start a company. Good to see and meet lot of startups and entrepreneurs working on different innovative ideas at one place. Planning to launch an android application BotNotes next month for converting verbal conversation as chat stored on ejabberd + elasticsearch. 
19 Apr

Launching our new company site

Our previous company site was static html based and now launching completely new digital experience with Drupal 8 which bring lot of new functionality along with flexibility and extendibility.
23 Sep

Decoding USDA Data Further

USDA data contains lot of parameters and information which can become very useful if presented in right visualization. In previous post, we briefly explored the types of data points available from USDA, here we will dig further to understand what are the parameters which are there. Out of the four types of data sets, two are geolocation based with different area granularity while the other two are statistical data which are linked to state, county etc.
02 Sep

Introduction to Digikrit - Company Profile

Introduction to Digikrit using a simple company profile presentation which contains details of our experience, what we are doing - consulting, software products and opensource projects. Reach us if you have requirement for developing functional backend in Erlang, Scala or frontend in Javascript.
01 Sep

Welcome to Digikrit

Welcome to hello world post from digikrit blog. The name Digikrit is inspired from Sanskrit, to basically mean digitally created. The motto for the company is digital creation and innovation. Digikrit is a software development company providing consulting and training on emerging niche technologies, apart from development of software products and open source projects.

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    address HAL 3rd Stage Kodihalli, BLR 560008

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    Phone 1.720.685.6150 

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